The Only Stuffed Animal She Refuses To Destroy. Then And Now.


Dogs love toys especially stuffed animals. It is very common to find a puppy carrying a stuffed animal around that is almost as big as the puppy. Many dogs like to play with stuffed animals, so they can love, chew and shake them.

Some of these dogs even prefer to carry stuff animals around and use them as sleeping pillows. But why do dogs like acting this way? It is because they like carrying things in their mouth. Also, they do act like their distant cousins – the wolves which are known to be great hunters.

Do you know that dogs look at their toys (mostly stuffed animals) the same way wolves look as their prey? So in essence, whenever you see them shaking the stuff animals, know that they are practicing their hunting skills.

Just like humans do, dogs like playing and collecting toys. Most dogs tear off any stuff animal they come across. Apart from stuff animals, some of these dogs can ravage toys that come in other forms like Styrofoam stuffing, plastic eyes and noses etc. because they can be chewed off and eaten easily.

However, most of them still have favorite toys even after exhibiting these ravenous traits. You will soon discover how they will snuggle, gnaw and love the plaything to death. One of such dogs is this adorable Alaskan Malamute. In this household where the dog lives, only one beloved toy has withstood all odds and survived for years. This is because the dog has refused to do to it what she does to others.


Luca (so is her name), is fond of destroying her toys but when this mini-me stuffed animal was passed on to her, she instantly became fond of it and carries it around everywhere she goes. The two became so inseparable that even at night, she goes to bed with it.

But how come she is so fond of this stuffed animal? It is because they both look alike. At that time, Luca was 8-months-old and by then they were almost of the same height and stature. Surprisingly, even after a year and half, the bond still exists as it was at the beginning. Luca has spared this toy and has kept it for herself for about 2 years.

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