The Loneliest Dog In The UK Has Finally Found His Forever Loving Home!


Dottie is a beautiful dog. She was put in the animal shelter at only a year old and that is where she remained. As with any adoption, people tend to go for the younger animals. Puppies can find a forever home, but people will ignore an adult dog. Puppies are cute and playful. No one knows why Dottie was not chosen when she was a pup, and as time went on it became less likely that anyone would adopt Dottie. But Dottie never gave up hope.

Every year she stayed at the shelter as other pups and dogs came and went. She was named Britain’s loneliest dog, and it seemed she always would hold that sad title. Still, whenever a family came in, Dottie tried her best to make them notice her. The people at the shelter tried too. They would point out the beautiful dog and explain how well behaved she was. But the right family never came in. More than 10,000 families had passed her by in her six years at the shelter. No one ever gave her a chance. Yet she still had hope.

When the Daily Mirror UK heard about Dottie, they decided to tell her story. Ed and Janice read about Dottie and her picture was so beautiful, they had trouble believing this dog had been there for so long. They drove 80 miles to meet Dottie and the bond was instant.

Ed and Janice adopted Dottie just in time to celebrate her first Christmas with her new family. Dottie has never been so happy. She is playful and active and much attached to her new family.

As hard as it was to see Dottie wait for a family, it seems as if it were fate. Ed and Janice had no problem falling in love with Dottie and they just feel she was meant to be part of the family.


Perhaps there is a family for every dog in the UK. Perhaps there are connections waiting to happen. In Dottie’s case, it seems she had to wait an extraordinarily long time. But that is okay. Because the perfect fit and the perfect bond is always worth the wait, whether you are canine or human.

In this case Dottie found her perfect fit. Now Dottie will never feel alone again and Ed and Janice will always feel the love of Britain’s most grateful dog.


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