The Little Dachshund Looks Totally Outmatched, But You Won’t Believe What Happens!


Throughout history the biggest competitor was considered to have the best chance of winning. Try telling that to this little Dachshund though. Sure he may be a fraction of the weight of his rivals but he doesn’t know it! He just knows that there is a competition going on for a toy and he wants in!

Let’s look at the challengers here: Two Bernese Mountain dogs and one Dachshund. Bernese Mountain dogs average 25-28 inches in height and anywhere from 85-110 pounds in weight. They are burly, big and fluffy. Dachshund dogs average 8-9 inches in height and weight 16-30 pounds. That’s why when this little dachshund took on not one, but TWO Bernese Mountain dogs in a tug-of-war, no one thought he had a chance. This is about 200 pounds of dogs on one side versus 20 pounds of dog on the other! There was no way the Dachshund had a chance!

No one told the dachshund though! In his mind, he believe he had every right to be in this fight. He wanted the toy just as much as the others and deserved it as much as they did. And self-image was not a problem. While the two hefty dogs took one end of a long rope and started to fight for it, he jumped right in the middle. He grabbed the rope and hung on for dear life!

Mid-battle as both Bernese Mountain dogs pulled, the Dachshund was pulled off the ground. Did he let go? Nope! Resilience and determination kicked in and he refused to let go. With 20 pounds of tenacious spirit, he kept going and let out some fierce growls while doing it.

Then something happened: one of the Bernese Mountain dogs gave up. He dropped his end of the rope. He gave a small barks of defeat and walked away. The second Bernese Mountain dog was surprised that his primary competitor was walking away. He stared at the scene not knowing what to do at this point.

While he was distracted by his original opponent’s defeat, the little Dachshund never forgot his goal. He was intent on winning that toy and pulled the rope. It surprised his final foe and he let go. The little Dachshund got his prize and proudly trotted away.

Watch this video and see how determination and dedication help this little guy win in the end. If you need any encouragement or a revamp of your own self-image, let this Dachshund show you how it’s done!

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