The Lights Went Out… But What They Saw Next Blew EVERYONE Away!


Let’s face it this hasn’t been a great year for Russia. The view of the country from the rest of the free world has been diminishing due to the situation that is boiling over in the Ukraine. But a showing on the Britain’s Got Talent 2015 proved that Siberia, Russia not only has one of the most devoted Bandy fan population but also some extremely talented dance troupes.

UDI works with orphaned children to teach dance as an outlet. They have a small facility and chose to join the British competition in an attempt to make money to build a larger facility so that they can help more children.

When they arrive to perform the judges are less than impressed by the fact that they are introduced by a friend that isn’t even a troupe member. It becomes obvious that the friend is the only one that speaks English. His attempts to teach the troupe members English are comical and leave you with the feeling that they would do anything to help the orphans that they are there to perform for.

Simon Cowell wears his distinct scowl while the awkward introduction is made. Members of the audience look as though they are expecting the worst.

The lights turn off and it appears that one member of UDI takes the stage because he is lit with a vibrant blue light. His entire body glows with the light of the sun in stark contrast to the pitch black backdrop. He then produces other small blue glowing orbs, then birds, only then do you realize that the birds are the glowing hands of the other troupe members.

The scene appears to be ending when a glowing red figure appears to battle the blue man. The battle of good and evil play out with the use of glowing faces, spears, orbs, and even include the use of a man made staircase.

The ending is a parachute effect of petals that float down after the battle resolution. It is phenomenal to watch and it becomes apparent that the judges are just as impressed as you will be. This visual work forces you to think of the how and who of the troupe placement and capabilities.

All four of the judges gave a resounding “Yes” to the troupe moving forward. The troupe smiles and nods their thanks at each statement from the judges which is made comical by the fact that none of them speak English and have no idea what is being said. Maybe they are able to tell that the comments are good by the cheers erupting from the crowd.

Simon Cowell states that some have made comments about allowing foreigners in the competition and that the talent that was just displayed was the reason why.

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