The Horse Doesn’t Trust People, But In A Few Minutes With This Woman? Wow!


It is no secret that veterans who come home from fighting overseas do not always return in the same physical or mental condition as they left in. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of the most common ailments that they experience and while some former soldiers will rely on medication to help them through the difficult times, there is something to be said for the soothing power of horses.

One man has taken it upon himself to provide this drug free solution to veterans who are in need. Monty Roberts believes that he has stumbled onto a foolproof method for treating post traumatic stress disorder and the man who is known affectionately as the “Horse Whisperer” is all about allowing veterans to build trust with these majestic creatures.
Take the story of Alicia Watkins, for instance. She grew up as a city girl, living in Washington, DC, and she had no experience with horses before meeting up with Monty. But Monty knows how to foster a connection between soldiers and horses and teaches them the finer points of encouraging the horse to trust them.

He believes in the beauty of the moment when a horse decides to be with a person, on their own volition. After growing up with a father who owned a riding school, he now helps veterans like Watkins overcome the sad realities of war and become more well adjusted to life in regular society among civilians.

One of the bedrock principles of Monty’s program is that he refuses to consider the veterans as having a disorder. In his eyes, it should not be called PTSD, it should be called PTSI. The I stands for injuries and he stresses this point repeatedly to veterans who are feeling low and down in the dumps.

He sees the veterans’ injuries as being easy to heal, as long as they learn how to trust again and the horses are the vessel that he uses to accomplish this goal. If you’d like to learn more about Monty’s methods and whether they were successful for Alicia, be sure to watch the remainder of this incredible video. Veterans who have been relying on medication to treat their symptoms will be happy to know that there is in fact another way.
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