The Girl Calls Out For A Duck. Even Her Parents Can’t Believe This!


When most of us think about little children and their choice of pets, a few different examples come to mind: cats, dogs, maybe the occasional hamster or gerbil. But the little girl that you are about to meet in this video did not choose her own pet. Her pet decided to choose her and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Just five years old and residing in the state of Maine, this little girl has one of the most unique bonds with her pet that we have ever seen. While most children are content with the idea of heading to the park to check out the ducks, she took it one step further. Her name is Kylie Brown and in a hilarious reversal of fortunes, one of her favorite pastimes is taking her duck to check out the park!
She named her duck Snowflake and the story of how these two came to be such close friends is a remarkable one, indeed. Snowflake is an amazingly obedient duck, as we find out early in the clip, coming back to Kylie when his name is called. By all accounts, Snowflake believes that Kylie is his real mother.

Don’t tell Kylie that these two aren’t related, either, because she will be more than happy to set you straight, just like she did with the reporter in this clip. The Brown family brought the duck home one day (for reasons that are unknown) and the animal took an immediate liking to Kylie, following her everywhere she went.

From that point forward, Snowflake always had to be at Kylie’s side, no matter what was going on. The two have developed quite the bond as a result and we would hate to see what happens if they ever have to be separated. Snowflake simply refused to be kept in the backyard and the family saw no choice but to outfit him with his very own diaper and let him live in the house with Kylie.
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To find out more about the amazing connection between Kylie and Snowflake, be sure to watch this incredible clip in its complete entirety. We promise that you have never seen anything quite like this before and you probably never will again! Once the video is complete, don’t be stingy! Take time out to share this hilarious clip with your friends, family members, as well as all of the duck lovers in your life.

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