The Gas Station Walk Of Shame – LOL! I’m Sure My Petrol Cap Was On This Side…


We have all had our rough days, where we just don’t like to do anything and, in these days, everything just seems like it doesn’t want to go right. It happens to every one of us and we really shouldn’t judge anyone based on one single bad day. Sure, embarrassments can be avoided and all that, but when nerves get in the way, things get tough. It’s a normal thing, for someone to decide to go somewhere in their car just to let loose and forget about some problems. Everyone does it, it’s just good to travel a little bit in the car in order to keep your cool and to let your mind drift away from the problems themselves. Sure, it’s not the most efficient thing possible, but it does work to a certain extent. I’m guessing that’s what this lady was doing the day the video was recorded.
So, cars only have the gas cap on one side, which means that when you go to the gas station there is a correct side to put your can in, and an incorrect side (the one that the gas cap isn’t on). It is basically a walk of shame, to just end up going to wrong side and then trying to fight the station itself in order to fill up the tank.


In order to avoid this you just need to look at the gas pump symbol on your fuel gauge. There will be an arrow there indicating how much fuel you actually have, helping you determine whether or not you need to go to the gas station immediately. Not only that, but it also helps you determine where the gas cap is. The side of the car the little arrow is pointing is the side where your gas cap is located at – you’re welcome.

What happened with this lady is that she was probably incredibly stressed out, and no one really told her the trick to know where the gas cap was. So she just got to the gas station and realized she was on the wrong side. Well, no problem, she just needed to turn a little and get things right… or not, she was still on the wrong side. No problem, keep on spinning around the gas station and you’ll get there… or maybe not, it’s still the same side. Guess it took her a while to realize she wasn’t actually changing the side the car was facing the gas station.

Let’s be honest, it is a funny video, but we need to remember that everyone has ups and down and, as such, we can laugh all we want, but our time will come as well. But until it does, we can laugh at others, there’s nothing wrong with that!

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