The Dog Was Rushed To The Vet Like This. But When They Shave Him? OMG…


Rescue animals are no stranger to the rougher side of life and few animals have ever had it rougher than our friend Mr. Snuggles. His story begins on a dark and rainy night. A huge storm was taking place and the poor pup was being attacked by two other pups. Fortunately for Mr. Snuggles, fate intervened and police officers were able to scare them off before it was too late.

San Jose Animal Services were called and Mr. Snuggles was brought in to receive treatment. His abdomen muscles had been torn open during the attack and his intestines were able to be felt just below the skin’s surface. The left hind leg had lost all feeling and movement, there was no pulse and one of his canine teeth had been ripped out of the socket.
It was easy to see that Mr. Snuggles’ continued survival was far from a given. The next day, the pup was given anesthetic, so that surgery could be performed on his myriad of injuries. The surgeons who were assigned to Mr. Snuggles were warned that his internal organs may have sustained too much damage and that they should be ready to euthanize the pup on the operating table if necessary.

The doctors knew that they had their work cut out for them. They removed the tooth that had been damaged and shaved the area around his stomach. His intestines had been punctured when he was attacked by the larger dogs and the extent of the damage was quite gruesome. The left hind leg would survive to see another day, but Mr. Snuggles would probably need an amputation at some point.

They repaired the gaping hole in the pup’s abdomen, shaved off the rest of his dirty hair and braced themselves for his long road to recovery. Within a few days of his surgery, the left hind leg that was once thought to be a goner was starting to regain feeling and the doctors even found him standing on it!
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If you’d like to see how the rest of Mr. Snuggles’ recovery turned out, you’ll need to watch the remainder of this amazing video. We are sad to see Mr. Snuggles in such a sorry state, but thanks to the good people of San Jose Animal Service, his prognosis is much better than it was on the day he was brought in. Share this video to spread awareness about dogs like Mr. Snuggles, who are in desperate need of our help.

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