The Dog Is Sleeping In The Car When All Of A Sudden… LOL!


Anyone who has a pet at home knows just how grumpy some of them if their slumber ends up being disturbed by a human who had the audacity to make any sort of noise or continue living their life. But the dog in this video was on a family road trip when his nap was disrupted and his reaction is one of the most priceless things that you will ever see.

Animals have more of a visceral reaction to music than most of us realize. They remember songs that they hear and just like their human counterparts, they love to sing along. While some of you might be thinking to yourselves that a dog cannot possibly be able to sing, this video clip serves as evidence to the contrary.
At first, the dog doesn’t seem to paying the other people in the car any sort of mind at all. He’s just trying to grab a little shut eye and he’d appreciate it if they kept the noise to a minimum. Soon enough, though, his eyes start to open and he begins to stir. The look that creeps across his face when he realizes what song is playing on the radio is beyond hilarious.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably recognized the song even before our canine companion did. Those familiar notes are from the ubiquitous smash hit “Let It Go”, which became the rallying cry and anthem for both young children and grown adults after it served as the coda to the modern Disney classic Frozen.

Most of us wouldn’t have pegged this sleeping dog in the backseat for much of a Frozen fan, but that’s why it is dangerous to judge a book by its cover. This pup clearly loves the song and he is more than happy to let everyone else in the car know it! When you finally see his impromptu performance, you just might laugh or cry. His reaction to the song is one of the funniest things that we have seen in some time.

Did you enjoy this video as much as we did? Then don’t keep it to yourself, spread the love! Pass it along to the Frozen lovers in your life, as well as the dog aficionados. They will definitely appreciate the heart and soul that this pooch puts into his powerful performance. It’s a rendition for the ages.

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