The dog in the front is trying to show off. Looks like the brother on the back stole the show


i have to admit that dogs love to show off. It is just a natural characteristic of theirs! If they learned something new, then they will come right in your face and demonstrate it. Looks like they want to get rewarded for everything they do. If you have a dog as your companion, then you have been in a situation like this before i guess. How many of you remember the first time your puppy jumped in the couch? Tell me how proud were you of your little friends? They are just too adorable when they learn how to do something, or when they actually do something new and different for the first time. Well I guess this dog in the front s trying to who off because he leaned something new. Let me tell you a little.

The dog in the front is trying to show off because he learned how to flip the treat from his nose, and catch it with his mouth. So when he is finally ready for the show in the front of the camera, he fails to perform the trick. The moment he fails, is when his brother in the back, comes into the play. Since his sibling failed to catch the treat, the dog in the back thought to give it a shot. So he opens the mouth and the treat ends up in there.

Really cool to watch because everything happens so fast that you would think it was all planned that way. But I don’t think it was planed because if you pay attention, the dog in the front is a little confused when the treat doesn’t end up in its mouth! At least the dog in the front tried to show his skills to everyone. Even if his plan didn’t work out, at least he was able to put together such a beautiful video! Share away you guys!

Source: Pawmygosh

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