The Cat Waits Here For The Mailman Every Day And Does THIS! So He Decided To Record It…


This is a very funny one. I really can’t stop watching it. It is too funny not to share it. Suffice to say I have already shared it on my Facebook wall. Nobody knows what the mailman may have done to the cat that made him react the way he always reacts.

May be he sees the mailman as an intruder. It is not possible that the owner instructed him to embarrass the mailman like that. He already knows when mail will be delivered. So he stays by the window in expectant of the mailman. Immediately he sees the mail down, he will jump down to man the mail slot.
Immediately he sets eyes on the mailman, you would see the “Yes I have been waiting for you” look on in his eyes. It is not clear why he wants to grab the mailman’s hands but it is obvious that his targets are those hands. In the video he almost caught the hands. If the mailman was not smart, the cat would have caught and scratched his hands so badly. Even at that he (the cat) caught of his gloves and he had to pull it back.

It became a real war between the mailman and the cat. Cats are usually not that aggressive towards a particular person without a reason. There must be a good reason for such a continuous aggressiveness. After pulling the glove of the mailman, this mischievous cat began to struggle for each of the mails. The man will try to slip the mail through the mail slot and the cat will yank it off his hand and pull it inside.

Words cannot fully explain the hilarious scene. Just prepare to laugh. The adorable little cat in there just uses every opportunity to express his grievances with this regular “intruder” that hides behind mail delivery. Imagine going through this kind of drama every single day. For the mailman to have recorded it, he must have gotten used to the cat’s unpleasant welcome so much that he derives fun out of the situation.
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The funniest part is that no one knows when this hilarious daily battle started and no one knows how many more battles will transpire between the adorable cat and the diligent mailman. Overall, it is a very funny clip and you need to share it to multiply the fun.

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