The Cat Tries To Wake His Dog Friend Up. How This Ends Is TOO Adorable!


When butch didn’t budge she tried rubbing a little harder. She pushed a little harder against the side of his jaw. Still she got no response. She began to feel desperate to wake him without an all-out assault. Her rubbing became more intensified as her desire to wake him began to take her over.

Now she began to feel guilty about trying to wake him. He looked so peaceful lying there, and he was her very best friend. She began to stroke his side gently and started to give way to the fact the he needed his rest. She too was becoming a bit sleepy and the thought of just lying down next to him was very appealing.
But once again her understanding was overcome by her desire to interact with him. She was beginning to even feel a bit ignored. She wondered if he knew what she was doing and was somehow simply ignoring her, hoping she’d give up and go away. This made her all the more determined. Now she rubbed her head back and forth on his head, believing that with such a forceful rub he simply ‘had’ to get up and see what she wanted. Sadly, it was to no avail. She looked at his pudgy face and watched his belly rise and fall with each breath.

Her affection for him caused her to finally decide that he needed his rest and she should respect his wishes. She reached out and stroked him lightly a couple of more times. She so loved her big best friend and hated to give up, but she gave in to the fact that friends need to respect the wishes of one another. Friendship is a partnership that cannot be one-sided and neither of them should be too needy.

She finally resigned herself to letting Butch get his rest. After all, he did look really comfortable. So she laid her arm across his big belly and let her eyes begin to shut. She thought, “He’ll be there when I wake up. Then we can play.”

In only seconds they both laid side by side and fast asleep. The only thing not told in the story is that Cindy is a Cat and Butch is a Dog. This was all caught on video. You have GOT TO SEE THIS! It is So-o-o-o-o-o- Cute!

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