The Cat Sneaks Up On Her Owner And Does Something That’s Too Cute For Words!


We all know just how demanding cats can be and how they have a knack for wanting attention or affection at the most inopportune moments. Cat owners can definitely relate to the annoyance of trying to stroke their feline companion when they are not busy, only to have the animal haughtily slink away.

But as soon as they sit down with their laptop to get some work done, boom! The cat shows up and wants to be paid attention to. Take the cat in this story for instance. Her owner is clearly in the middle of something, as we can tell from looking at the clip. Does that matter to her? Of course not, her attention comes first and everything else is secondary to that.
The way she begs for attention will have you howling in your chair, though. Instead of being rude (like most cats), the manner in which she asks her mother to pet her is too adorable. She does not bite, scratch, hiss or claw. She chooses a completely different method than most cats would.

After all, in order to speak to a human, you have to carry yourself like one, right? When this cat gets up on her hind legs to tap her mother on the shoulder and gently remind her that it is petting time, you may end up wiping away tears of laughter. Just look at the cat’s face and how serious she is about her request.

A few moments of petting is not enough to satisfy her, either. Cats are constitutionally incapable of sharing the spotlight. Even after she receives a few loving strokes from her distracted mother, she is still asking for more. She does not come down off her hind legs and as soon as mother turns back to what she is doing, the cat begins tapping and nudging her again.

Can you believe this animal’s determination? She will stop at nothing until she gets every last bit of the attention and she doesn’t care who knows it. If you’d like to see how this interaction turns out, then be sure to watch the short clip in its full entirety. It just might be the best 48 seconds you spend all day.
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Once you’ve finished laughing your butt off, don’t be stingy. Spread the love and pass the clip along to your cat loving friends and loved ones, as they will certainly appreciate it.

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