The Bride Was About To Walk Down The Isle…And Then She Did THIS?!


Whether you have been to someone else’s wedding or participated in your own, the bride’s walk down the aisle is always a highlight. Her stroll down the aisle is the most anticipated moment of the proceedings in most instances. However, in all of my years of going to weddings, I have yet to see a bride pull of an entrance quite like this one.
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This beautiful, blushing bride shocks her wedding guests and even the man she is about to marry by coming in singing. When she enters those church doors, you can hear her song, which is certainly a departure from what happens at the vast majority of weddings. But if I had pipes like hers, I absolutely would have sang at my own wedding, too!

The viewer is able to feel the pure, unbridled emotion behind the bride’s song and his admiration for the woman he loves is evident to everyone present and all of the people who are watching the clip at home. As she begins her graceful, poised strut down the aisle, the groom becomes so stricken with emotion that he can no longer choke back his tears.

As the husband to be finally breaks down and cries, the viewer will be hard pressed not to start blubbering like a baby themselves. As a culture, we are usually jaded when it comes to weddings and we walk around with the erroneous belief that we have already seen it all and done it all.

It takes videos like this to show us that there are new emotional depths that can be reached, places that we have not been, things that we have not seen. Even though we all have seen some very unique weddings and odd occurrences, few things top the image of a beautiful bride, singing her heart out.

This is one of the most gutsy and daring moves that I have ever been able to bear witness to. The greatest singers among us tend to freeze up in certain social situations and most of us would never be able to pull off the same sort of performance under pressure. This gorgeous bride deserves all of the credit in the world for successfully pulling this off without tripping, falling or stumbling over her words. She is the epitome of feminine grace and poise.

This video post should be shared by anyone who can appreciate true love when they are in its presence. In a world where people’s belief in love is constantly being shaken, clips like these serve as a reminder to us all that not only does it still exist, but it can manifest itself in your daily existence. Show this post to your friends and watch their reaction as she begins to croon!

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