The Babysitter Was Abusing The Baby—Watch What the Dog Did


Hope and Benjamin Jordan were just like any other couple from South Carolina. They recently had an infant son and went through the familiar process of selecting a babysitter to take care of him during the day while they are away at work. This was not a decision that the couple decided on quickly.
When selecting a baby sitter, Hope and Benjamin interviewed a number of candidates, even going so far as to run a background check on the woman that they ended up choosing. Alexis Khan, a 22 year old with baby-sitting experience was the woman that the couple eventually hired, but after watching this video, you will see why they now have second thoughts about the decision.

After allowing Alexis to watch their child for roughly five months, they began to notice the strangest thing. Their dog, Killian, began to behave in a very aggressive manner towards Khan and would act out when she came over. The hair on the dog’s neck would stand up and he made it abundantly clear that he did not appreciate the presence of Khan in his home.

Concerned, the couple took important steps to get to the bottom of the matter. In order to find out what was making their trusted family pet so upset, Benjamin and Hope placed an iPhone beneath their couch and set it up so that it would record a voice memo.

There was no way to prepare themselves for what would come next. When they finished recording the daily activities at their home, they came to a shocking conclusion. The iPhone voice memo had recorded the sounds of Alexis berating the child, cussing at him and worst of all, there were clear sounds that indicated instances of physical abuse.

Thanks in part to the great detective work of their dog, Alexis Khan will no longer be able to hurt innocent children. She was charged with assault and battery and decided to plead guilty in the face of overwhelming evidence. It is certainly safe to say that she won’t be asked to babysit for anyone’s children anytime soon.

Many lessons can be taken from this story, but the most important one of all? Learn to trust your pet’s intuition, because animals love unconditionally and always want the best for their owners. If a dog does not like you, there is typically a very good reason why this is true.

Take a look at the full news report. If you have a dog that shows the same characteristics as Killian does, be sure to submit a nomination for your pup at the ACE Awards for Canine Excellence. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family on all of your preferred social media platforms!

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