The 2 Babies Realize Mom Is Nowhere To Be Found, Then They Do THIS


This is a wonderfully enjoyable and funny video of two little baby elephants that get separated from their mother. The two elephants are obviously siblings and like all children have gone off adventuring away from their mother. Elephant babies are fairly large animals but as the video shows their size is dwarfed by the massive surrounding they live in. At first you see the baby elephants browsing around and bathing in a river with three other adults. At first you assume that this is a family group but you are wrong.

The little elephants are a bit wobbly in the soft earth of the river but they seem to spy something in the distance that absolutely rivets their attention. The little elephants troop across the river and shoals at an increasing rate of speed. The faster the elephants run the funnier and cuter they look. Tails up and ears bouncing, the baby elephants are definitely in a hurry to find something you cannot yet see.

You never see the people filming the video but you can hear them. It is difficult to say who is more excited by the little elephants and what they are heading for. The people are just ecstatic at seeing the little elephants scoot across the river toward an as yet unknown destination.

As the baby elephants encounter deeper water they stumble a bit but quickly regain their footing and their speed. The people filming the video seem a lot more afraid for the elephant’s safety than the baby elephants do.

The baby elephants finally reach their longed for destination that is obviously their mother. The real distance the babies had strayed might be at most fifty yards but the speed that the little guys put on to get back to mom is really astounding.

You cannot hear any elephant sounds that would indicate the mother called to her children but elephants are known to make low range vocalizations that are not audible to humans but are readily understood by other elephants. This may explain why the mother is apparently unconcerned about her straying children.

This little video is so cute and natural that you just have to share it with all the animal lovers that you know. One of the best parts of the video is that it is an all-natural setting with free-living animals. You just cannot make this stuff up or make an animal that weighs several tons put on this kind of show.

The video is great because people love young animals. The baby elephants are cute and adorable. The little elephants are so speedy that you can hardly believe your eyes. The babies are fearless too. There has to be some deep primordial thing between mothers and children regardless of species. The video definitely shows an example of this.

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