That Moment When You Get Your Dog Ready For The Snow And THIS Happens. Oh My!


It is completely unnatural to see a dog wearing boots. They seem to agree! In this hysterical compilation of short snippets dogs let us know just how disgusted they are with booties.

It may be their first experience with a plastic doggy bootie strapped to their legs, but these little doggies make it perfectly clear that they would rather it be their last. The polka is the perfect composition to accompany these dancing dogs. It’s hard not to breakout into a robust giggle while watching the show.

You may be wondering why anyone would place such ridiculous foot wear on their dog anyway. Dog shoes are not as uncommon as you may think. Give a little tyke a chance to go out on the ice without them and he may dance around just as much without the funny looking doggy booties. Our small breed pets are no more used to living outside in extreme cold than we are.
It seems to be a universal concept for dogs! They simply do not want a bootie attached to their paw. They shake and jump all over the place as they try to get those darn things off. It’s amazing just how similar each breeds reaction to the dog boot is.

So, when is it time to attach a dog bootie to your pup? Most dog experts agree that small breed dogs could use a little protection for their paws when the weather turns extreme. A good sign that it is time to put on the dog boots is when yours tries to hold all four of his or her paws of the ground without a set of dog booties on.

Another reason is salt. Salt melts the ice for us humans to walk around safely, but that same ice can do great damage to a little dog’s paw. Protecting your dogs from side walk ice may be as important as protecting them from the extreme cold.

If it is too cold for you to walk outside without your scarf and mittens then it is probably too cold for your small breed dog to walk on the snow and ice without a set of dog boots too!

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