Terrified Pit Bulls Are All Alone In The World, Then They Have THIS Life-Changing Moment…


When Louie and Bridget first arrived at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, these two Texas residents were in a bad way. Their previous owners treated them very badly and the future did not look bright for either of them.

The dogs were stricken with mange and their weight had dwindled to a dangerous point. Unless they received help immediately, both of these pups were absolute goners. Their fear was evident and the two clung to each other for dear life, terrified as to what would happen to them next. They had already been through so much!

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They did not know that they were on the verge of receiving the help that they so desperately needed. When they headed to the vet for the first time, they approached the visit with a healthy amount of trepidation. But as it turns out, these two pitbulls had nothing to fear, other than fear itself.


When they were finally examined, it was determined that they had been experiencing severe neglect for quite some time. The vet who looked over Louie and Bridget also had reason to believe that the two pups were forced to participate in the sick and twisted act of dog fighting.

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Their teeth had been noticeably worn down and it is believed that they either gnawed on their chains, in an attempt to escape the unimaginable cruelty of their environment or that their previous owners had filed their teeth down. Either way, Bridget and Louie are in a much better place now.


The photos of these two that have been taken recently put that difference on full display. Instead of potentially having to fight for their lives, they jockey for position on their new favorite sleeping couch and spend time with the other dogs in their makeshift foster family.


They also get to sun bathe on the porch and relaxing in the warm sun definitely beats having to fight with other dogs and getting mistreated by humans who are not kind. Now that they receive love and affection on a regular basis, they are much, much calmer creatures.


Once they have fully healed, they will hopefully leave their foster residence and find a forever home of their own. Please take a moment of your time to share this story, so that Bridget and Louie are able to locate a family who will take them in as a duo and care for them for the rest of their lives.


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