Terminally Ill Child Goes To A Shelter And Picks Out A Kitten In Desperate Need Of Love…


Death is probably the scariest thing we have on this plant. I’m sorry that it exists, but it does. I can’t imagine how it feels when someone is told that he or she is going to die, but that is the story that is something that, unfortunately, a few people end up hearing in their lives.

Ryan Mott probably never heard that his days are counted, but someone sure did on his behalf. That someone decided to take care of him and give him everything that he needs to be happy until the clock ticks. Ryan never asked for too much, he just wants some love.

Ryan just wanted a kitten to call his own, to love, to cherish and to share his life with. He got a kitten after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He was going to be able to cuddle with his new best friend soon enough.


When they heard about Ryan’s story, the Stafford County Animal Shelter, in Virginia, decided to do something about it and make his wish come true. They helped him find a kitten he loved and give her a new home.

When Ryan met a kitten, he fell in love and his heart probably even skipped a bit with the joy he had. He needed to love that kitten for as long as he could, and the shelter decided to help him out by removing the adoption fees and by giving the family everything they needed to take care of the kitten.


They gave the family items such as litter, a litter box and even some toys for the kitten to play with. Now Ryan can cuddle with the kitten he loves whenever he wants to, sharing the love he has in his heart.


He decided to name the kitten Sandy, and they are very much in love. They’re the best of friends and, as you can see in the pictures, that’s a very beautiful thing.

We need to give credit to a true hero, Sandy’s foster mother that decided not to get credit and stay anonymous. She needs to be mentioned, as she was the one who took care of Sandy for well over two months she was the one who took care of baby kitten until she was ready for adoption.


To Sandy’s foster mother: you are a real hero that deserves recognition. Wherever you are, whoever you are: God bless you. You’re a hero.


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