Tears Behind The Blankets – This Incredible Story Will Touch Your Heart!


What does one do when they feel alone, sad, or anxious – they crawl into bed and wrap themselves in a comforting blanket that holds no judgement.
As a woman dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and a sexual abuse survivor, I know all about the need for comfort in times of pain and loneliness. My past experiences prevent me from leaving my home, and in 2007 I was involved in a vehicle accident that disables me from doing the things I truly love. One day I thought to myself, how can I turn my devastating events into opportunities to help others around the world?
In 2014, I started Weaved Memories, a company dedicated to creating lasting memories of beloved animals, and even loved ones, who have passed on. I’ve always had a passion for different types of art, painting, sculptures, drawing and more, but I wanted to create something very unique and so heartfelt that would help heal hearts and lessen some of the pain my customers have to endore. I realized not much warmth is radiated from something hanging on the wall. I knew I could do more. That was when I created Weaved Memories and thought Blankets – we all use them in our living rooms, bedrooms, when we are sick or to curl up to read a good book.
Each blanket I created using regular customer photos and high resolution photos I was able to bring out the details in people and pets it was almost as if they were standing right next to you the realism of each blanket had my customers in tears. I then knew I had created something very special.
Based out of Chandler. Arizona, Weaved Memories had started receiving more and more request from fans and pet owners from all over United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, the United States and more. We have sold over 4,000 blankets and have reached over 5,000 fans in less than 4 months.

When we lose a loved one, person or pet that was so deeply loved, we often find ourselves lost and unable heal fully because we just want to see them again. How true this is. I wanted to give people an outlet for their grief, and it is so rewarding and soul-filling when I see a completed blanket that even a dog can recognize his long lost friend. Or a child will have his mom/dad to hold once again when he falls asleep. I will go as far as saying, I heal a little more from my past and the physical pain seems to fade away day by day with every blanket created.



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“I learned if you dream big enough your dreams will come true in the end”

Sincerely Amandalynn Hernandez

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