Watch As This Talented Dog Shows Off His Piano Tricks! Absolutely Hilarious!


In this video, you can realize what a dog can do when you let him discover a piano store on his own. And can you imagine that dogs appreciate classic music?

Music has a relaxing effect on humans and the same relaxation occurs with other animals… but why?

Animals learned in nature that threats and dangerous situations are often accompanied by loud sounds and abrupt movements. They consider that the discontinued sounds may indicate risk since the uninterrupted and constant sounds suggest peace.

Since music has sounds that are continuous and rhythmical, it can help in relaxation of our pets. This feature can also be used to draw attention to dogs that have a hard time “hearing” their owners.
The continuous musical sound produces changes in brain function that allow relaxation and reduce the need for hypervigilance, to minimize the state of tension and promote animal welfare.

Music can definitely improve our mood in almost all situations! And the same happens with the dogs!

After watching this video, you won’t be able to deny that dogs like music! We also know that classical music soothes and relax dogs, in other hand dogs don’t show the same interest in pop music. It turned out that classical music sounds to them like a human conversation, which makes them safer and more peaceful.

In some shelters for dogs and veterinary clinics are already using soft music to soothe their guests. Listening to music not only help relieve the stress of our friends as accelerated recovery of health problems.

Now you know! If your buddy is nervous, put classical music! It can also be a good idea to place when your dog alone at home. He will feel comforted by the music..and maybe he will want to play the piano!

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