They Brought This Cat Home When He Was Tiny, But When They Saw His Eyes… OMG


It is believed that the eyes are the window from which we can see the soul of an individual and so we gaze into the eyes of other to discern who they are. This Act of gazing also bonds people in a special way and shows trust that cannot be shown in any other way.


Cats are naturally endowed with beautiful eyes not just for beauty sake, but for seeing in the dark as cats are nocturnal animals. Their eyes have more rods in the retinas which are used for viewing objects at night and helping them to collect ambient light which is reflected back to people as they stare at the cat. Their pupil is much larger than that of humans, and this is an attractive feature of nocturnal animals.


The cat you are about to meet demonstrates the power of the eyes and how it can bestow royalty on any person or animal. Coby, the cat, has won the heart of so many people, including dog lovers and cat lovers alike with his icy blue colored eyes and an amazing coat of snow white.


This majestic cat is of British origin and is a short hair cat who are well known for their calm disposition, just like the introverts in human psychology. Coby is a perfect example of a good temperament and gentle nature with a great personality to go with his beauty.


He was adopted as a little kitten and grew up to be a majestic chubby cat with such rare and angelic beauty which has gained him so many fans on social media. Coby currently has a whopping 347, 000 followers on Instagram and over 3000 followers on Facebook.


Coby practically broke the Internet when he joined Instagram barely a year ago and has since been the world’s favorite majestic cat with the prettiest eyes. His Instagram page is filled with comments of adoration from his fans from all over the world. They simply love the chubby angel.


His owners enjoy dressing him up for special occasions and holidays, and he looks smashing in all photos like a born model. He has been photographed with some pictures of him wearing costumes which reveal his royalty. Coby is truly royalty because of the way that he maintains a calm demeanor in all his pictures.


However, he has been described as a playful cat who loves eating tuna and stealing covers as well as playing with his rubber duck while he is in the tub. He obviously loves to be photographed because of his confident look in most of his pictures and he certainly loves his cute and tiny costumes.


Coby gained fame because of his majestic look and has broken the Internet with his copper eyes. Would you say no to any request from Coby? I doubt that because his cuteness is on overdrive.


Coby should be referred to as “his highness” already, he has earned it.


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