Sweet Senior Dog Surrendered By Parents After Daughter Goes Off To College


When this family’s daughter finally decided to leave the nest and head off to college, they made a choice to clean out far more than just her bedroom. They wanted their nest to be totally and completely empty, so they gave away their 11 year old Cocker Spaniel/Lab mix to the local animal rescue, Morrow County Dog Shelter, which is located in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

Unfortunately for this senior pup, he was seen as being a belonging, as opposed to a close friend of the family. Shelter personnel have yet to release a name for the dog, but they speak very highly of him. He has been potty trained and is known to be very mild mannered. The pooch gets along well with just about everyone he meets (minus cats!), but he displays zero hostility towards felines, he is merely afraid of him, causing him to steer clear.


By all accounts, he is a kind, friendly animal who would be able to make a quick transition into just about any household that you can think of. While we cannot imagine the series of events that would lead to the daughter’s parents deciding to discard a pet who has been their child’s friend for 11 years, but stories like these tend to be quite common. This is an unfortunate reality for older dogs who have outlived their usefulness to their families.

Luckily, there is some very good news to report. This past December 24, the Morrow County Dog Shelter’s page on Facebook posted a message which stated that they were swamped with requests from interested families who were looking to provide this dog with a new forever home to call his own.

We hope that this dog found a home to spend Christmas in, especially after being cast aside in such a cruel and callous manner. But even if he did not locate a home by the time the holiday season arrived, his days of shelter living seem to be numbered. Stories like these serve as a sobering reminder that dogs with homes are forced into adverse situations more often than we’d like.

But here’s the good news: as of December 24th, the Morrow County Dog Shelter’s Facebook page stated that they have been inundated with thousands of messages from people interested in bringing this sweet senior home (let’s hope they took a browse at his kennel mates and adopted some of them, too)! This is the most recent post regarding the Lab/Spaniel mix, so there’s a good chance he had a home for Christmas, and if not, he will soon!.

If this story touched your heart, remember that there are thousands more adoptable dogs, young and old, in desperate need of forever homes (#adoptdontshop)! Check out sites likePetfinder, or Google your local shelter or Humane Society, and you can literally save a life–and in more ways than one, your life will be saved, too.

Did this story touch your heart as much as it did ours? Then please remember that there are thousands of dogs just like this one who are in need of a forever home. Don’t shop for a pet, adopt one! Head to your local Humane Society, so that you can save the life of a deserving animal and enrich your own existence while you’re at it.


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