Surrendered Dog Wraps His Paws Around A Woman’s Leg, Begging Her To Stay


Once upon a time there was a mixed breed dog that was black and white. This dog was very obedient and obeyed its owner in every regard. One day the owner decided to surrender the dog at a local Animal Shelter. The owner surrendered the dog at the shelter telling the manager that she had found her dog and she was just turning him in.


What happened next was surprising. When the woman was about to leave, the dog wrapped its front legs around the woman’s leg. This was an awkward moment. Why wouldn’t the dog like go? This is the most heart wrenching part of the story.

A dog that does not want to let go of its former owners les is a sight that’s definitely tugs at the heartstrings. For a few minutes they still there with the dog’s front legs firmly wrapped around the woman’s leg. What this says is that the woman likely did not find the dog wandering around. She was likely the dog’s owner but was probably too ashamed to admit this to the shelter’s managers. Who knows why she wanted to surrender her dog.

Many people surrender dogs everyday for various reasons. Some of these reasons are not sound. For example, some people friends of dogs because they no longer want a pet. They come to this decision after not even trying to work things out with the dog.

Whereas others are for emergencies. For example, some people surrender pads because a family member suddenly become allergic to it. Whatever the reason was in this case, the dog was on its way to becoming a shelter resident.

At the end of the story, the woman ended up walking outside of the door without the dog. The dog sadly looked after her. This was the end of their relationship. The woman would walk away from the shelter and would likely go off and continue to live her life with or without pets.


The shelter has set up a temporary kennel to support these dogs because they’re full and they don’t want to euthanize any of them. If you or anyone you know is willing to give this poor dog a second chance, please click here. Share this post with everyone you know.

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