Earless, Chained-Up Elephant Never Sees The Sun


Suraji is Hindi for Sun, but this amazing creature has probably not seen much sunlight throughout his life because Suraji the elephant has spent his life chained to a wall in his tiny stone prison cell. He may not be in a literal prison, but for all intents and purposes, prison is the accurate description of his where he has spent his life.


To say his ‘home’ is too small is probably an understatement considering the average elephant grows to be 21 feet long, ten feet tall and can weigh up to 11,000 lbs. and Suraji spends his life with all four legs being chained to the walls.

This amazing animals is being held captive in a remote temple located in India, and just how long he’s been held there is unknown. Unfortunately this is the fate of too many elephants who are in the shadow of places such as this temple throughout India. With the constant presence of the chains around his feet there are visible sores caused by the rubbing of the chains as he tries to move.


Suraji is also missing an ear, which at some point appears to have been ripped off but he’s been captive for so long no one really knows for sure or remembers how it happened according to Wildlife SOS Representative Suvidha Bhatnagar.

Wildlife SOS is an Indian rescue group who is hoping to rescue Suraj from his horrible living conditions. The group suspects that Suraji was captured as a baby in the wild and taken from his mother and separated from the herd.


Unfortunately his plight just came to light and there are many other of these huge beautiful elephants just like Suraji. Elephants such as Suraji are used for begging, manual labor and entertainment and even now Wildlife SOS is caring for 20 elephants who were themselves rescued from tragic and horrible circumstances just like his.


At the moment Suraji’s facing an uncertain future, but at least now he does have some caring humans on his side willing to help set him free from his nightmarish life chained to a wall. What needs to happen is for as many people as possible to learn about these horrid conditions and the inhumane treatment of these wonderful creatures.

If you’d like to help rescue Suraj and care for the 20 other elephants Wildlife SOS has rescued, you can make a donation here.

Please be sure to share this story as much as possible to not only raise awareness but to encourage those who can to make a donation to help Wildlife SOS care for not only the elephants they have already rescued but help them rescues Suraji and other abused and mistreated elephants.

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