Student’s Faucet Is A Picasso-Like Waterfall. This Is Amazing!


The difference between Qiu’s work and an art installation, is that this piece is fully functionable. Today’s world needs more art; simply said. Why don’t we use more art and design in everyday products, like the water faucet? We have all this great work by the Masters of art, over the century, including the modern artists who used shapes, lines, color and geometric patterns to convey their feelings.

I don’t know what artist or technique Simin Qiu was thinking of, to design this product but to me, it reminds me of the great artist, Pablo Picasso. His abstract shapes, geometric designs and subject matter made a big impact in art and on the world.
A lot of artists get their inspiration from nature, and that is exactly what this faucet, reminds me of. The faucet has a simple design, with an arching spout, with a simple large button control on top, making it sleek and beautiful. The real beauty of this design occurs when the water begins to come out.
The design is made to create a somewhat, illusionary effect. The water comes out in a swirling design made to mimic three basic patterns. First, it can create a diamond mesh look, when coming out. Second, the pattern swirl can look like an elegant glass tube effect. Third, the water swirl, can look like a spiral staircase. All these patterns are created by the design of the water outlet holes. The illusion of all three water patterns, remind of fine glassware. The pattern even looks like, the glass is etched.
The spiral effect, is created by two spinning turbines, built into the head of the elegantly designed faucet. All of this simplicity, creates a natural calming effect, like you would find in nature. Like a cascading waterfall or even icicles on cold winter day. Any time we can bring nature into our homes , we improve our surroundings to help us relax.
The design of the faucet, also has more than just a visual effect on the person, using it. It turns out, that the design also saves the consumer money. The double turbine action moves the flow of the water, so that it will save you as much fifteen percent. On top of that, the water comes out four-tenths of a second, faster. The water is also, gentler to the surface because of the spiral effects. This is a very well-engineered device, beyond the visual attributes, because it has a temperature gauge to sense, when not to use the electric water heater.
I think Picasso, would have been, more than proud, to have this water faucet in one of his big houses.

More info: Behance (h/t: mymodernmet, yankodesign)

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