Stray Dog Waits For Cruel Owner To Return, But Watch When A Stranger Pulls Up Instead


We all love and care for our pets, but unfortunately, life can get in the way and keep us from being able to provide them with the continuous love that they deserve. While this is understandable, the owner who abandoned this loving pup on the side of the road needs a serious lecture about proper animal care.

Instead of allowing this dog to stay with a friend or reside at a kennel until they could come back for him, the owner left the pup to fend for himself. Even an animal shelter would have been preferable to the unfortunate choice that this man decided to make regarding his dog’s future.


If he had brought the dog to a shelter, this would have increased its chances of receiving a much needed adoption from a loving family who would never leave him in these sorts of dire straits. Fortunately for the dog in this video, Brooke Rapozo (who works for the Kings ASPCA) found him before it was too late.


He was wandering an abandoned, muddy road, firmly convinced that his owner would return one day. The dog has been on his own for days and thanks to those who posted messages on social media, he was located and given a new name. Now known as Banjo, this dog’s loyalty is completely and utterly boundless.


Even though Brooke came along and provided him with copious belly rubs and plentiful amounts of wet food, Banjo still held out hope that his old owner would finally come back for him. While he believed this with his whole heart, his undying loyalty had blinded him to the fact that he had been ditched by the person he loved more than anything in the world.

When it finally came time for him to leave the abandoned road behind, Banjo could not bear to do so. After all, what if his owner finally comes back and is ready to take him home? He panicked and refused to accept the help he was being offered.


Finally, they were able to take him to a local shelter and provide him with a medical examination. Banjo realized that these were the people who cared for him most. He understood that others would love him more than his jerk owner ever could and he found a brand new forever home with a caring family in no time at all.

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