Stray Dog Gets Revenge Against Angry Driver – But Wait Til You See This


The next time you decide to mess with a stray dog, you may need to think again! Just ask a man from Chongqing, China who had a run in he wishes he could take back. It all went wrong for him when he kicked the dog out of his parking spot. The offending mutt was lollygagging in the place the man wished to park, so he got out and gave the dog a bit of a kick to move him on his way. A short while later though, the dog had the last laugh as he brought along a few of his furry friends and trashed the man’s car!

The trio of canine terrors did a real number on the man’s vehicle. They chewed up the fenders, and even the wiper blades. It’s a good thing they didn’t have the keys or a way inside the car, who knows what kind of damage they could have wrought then. Who would have thought that a dog could do such a thing? Who would have thought that its teeth would be strong enough? I guess they do not make cars like they used to, which was lucky for the dogs, if not for the driver.

The unfortunate driver might never have known what exactly happened had a nearby neighbor not spotted it going on. Thinking quickly the neighbor took out his camera and took a few quick pictures while they finished the job of giving the car its toothy makeover. You’ll notice from the pictures that he didn’t get too close, and who can blame him! I bet the car’s owner, though happy to know what had happened, wishes his neighbor had been bold enough to chase the dogs away before the damage got worse.

What a mess! Hundreds of dollars in damages to his nice car, rather than risk a parking ticket, or perhaps just taking a longer walk. Though walking in a neighborhood with dogs that fierce might not be the best idea! Next time I bet that the angry driver will find another place to park, or else it’s back to the auto shop. What would you do if a such a pup found its way into your parking spot? Give that dog a little booted encouragement to go away, or just move along and park somewhere else? Who was in the right, and who was in the wrong? One angry driver, or three vengeful dogs?

(h/t: dailymail)
This dog is not happy about getting the boot!
And neither are his friends, who are helping to get revenge.
Thanks to the nearby neighbor though, we too get to witness this.
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?! Karma’s a B…! (literally)

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