A Stray Dog Bolts Underneath A House. When You See What Happens Under Here… Oh My!


Hope for Paws organization received a call that there was a stray poodle which resided in the Chynna Arias neighborhood and would not allow anyone to touch him.

The poodle has lived under the abandoned house for about five months and refused to let anyone help him. The animal rescuers went into the premises through the back and saw an opening at the back of the house. The rescuers had to crawl under the house through that opening to get close to the dog. When they saw the pet close to a window under the house, they got close to him and tried to pacify him so that they could take him in. One rescuer had to whistle softly to send a message to the poodle that it was okay and that they were only there to help him. The poodle was not going to go down without at least fighting, he had become so unsocial and was threatened by human presence in his lair. He frustrated all the efforts made by the animal rescuers by wedging himself behind some boards near the foundation.
The rescuers had a hard time staying in that position for so long, but they were determined to help the poodle even though he wasn’t making his rescue easy for them. The only way they could see him when he hid under the boards was through the camera and the dog was seen with the camera tucked in a small space between some wood.

The rescuers try every possible trick to get the poodle to come out and spent over an hour struggling with the dog. The poor dog was just too afraid to come out as he didn’t know what they wanted from him. They were all stained with dirt and were tired, but wanted to help the poodle and so one of them came up with a brilliant idea to rescue the poodle. They used a metal pipe to create an opening in the wood where the poodle was hiding, and they finally saw the tail of the dog. One of them grabbed the tail, and they began to make plans to remove the board so they could bring him down.

The dog began to run towards the wider opening when he discovered that his hiding place has been spotted. Meanwhile, he was still being held by his tail and so he couldn’t move. They carefully put the rope over the head of the poodle and let go of his tail. This is where the dog became violent as he had been threatened, he jumped out of the hiding place and began to attack the rescuers. The rope had him, but he could still move around and bite. One of them used his shoe to avert bites to his body. He eventually got bit on his leg, and then he calmed down.
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The dog was reluctant to let them put a leash on him but finally agreed. The poodle finally went easy, and they could tell from his teeth that he was a young dog. He was named Scotty and was given a haircut. He made new friends and lived happily ever after.

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