Stray Cat Welcomes Himself In Their House And Becomes Papa To Their Kittens!


Being a stepfather is an incredibly difficult responsibility to take on. Caring for the children of another shows immense love and compassion, especially when the stepfather in question happens to be homeless, as well. The stray cat in this story meets both criteria.

His name is Caesar and he is the proud papa of several new children. He was living on the streets and experienced all of the typical struggles that come with being a stray cat in a cold, cruel world. But he finally found a forever home with a loving family after they discovered him running around in their backyard several months ago.


Look at him now! He is clearly enjoying himself and is truly appreciative for the opportunity he’s been given. The kitten that he has adopted were rescued by the family in a separate incidence. They were also given the chance to find a forever home, but what they did not have was a father to teach them right from wrong.


It takes a dedicated father like Caesar to supply the proper lessons that children need to be on their best behavior. He takes his stepfather responsibilities very seriously, as the three kittens do not ever seem to leave his side. He eats with his children, plays with them and they even sleep together.


The children’s names are Nellie, Bandit and Sammy and they love their stepfather to the moon and back. He’s technically the old man of the group, at six years of age, and while he was a late bloomer by parenting standards, he quickly won the hearts of these three adorable little kittens. His dedication cannot be doubted.


The happy family is typically found all snuggled up on a warm blanket somewhere. Caesar has done his best to teach them everything he knows and the children have become much well behaved as a result. They love cuddling underneath stepdad’s arms and he does not mind their attention one bit.


Being a dad wears Caesar out, as you can tell from the multitude of pictures of him sleeping alongside of the kittens. This story is for everyone who wishes that they could spend half of their day sleeping, while snuggling up with their little ones.


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