Strange-Looking Animals You Had No Idea Existed


If there is any feature you should remember about nature, it is its weirdness. Below is a list of 8 uncommon animals you must have never seen or read about before.

Tibetan sand Fox


The Tibetan fox originates from Asia where it is commonly found in countries like China, Tibet and some other Asian countries. Although they behave exactly like other fox species, they are very much distinguished by some uncommon facial features.

Long-eared Jerboa


This small rodent which is a native of China and Mongolia was first caught on camera in 2007. According to researchers, it is revealed that its extremely long ears help to provide some cooling assistance for it as it fends for itself in the desert.




As a Native of Asia and Africa, the Chevrotain is a ruminant animal that can weigh as little as 4.4 pounds. Also known as mouse-deer, this herbivore which is the tiniest of all ungulates comes in different species.


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The Babirusas are wild pigs that live in Indonesia. Unlike the common pigs, these animals have got unusual tusk growth especially the males whose tusks take an upward curve while piercing through the top of their snout. These tusks can amazingly curve back into their skull if they do not get worn out.

Panda Ant


The Panda ant is a member of a class of wingless wasps. Although it physically looks cute, however, it can be very deadly with its sting.

Blue Dragons


Also known as Glaucus atlanticus, these attractively colored tiny sea slugs are commonly found across the world in warm waters. They are good at attacking preys with a very venomous sting as they flow with the water currents

Honduran White Bat


These bats which are not more than 2 inches long are cute looking birds that make shelter out of leaves which help them blend so well into the green glow with their white fur especially when sunlight throws its light on them. They are natives of South America and can be majorly found in Honduras.



This angry looking bird lives the swamps of South Sudan and can be found in several other countries around the African continent. These prehistoric birds which are closely related to pelicans can reach up to a height of 5fts. They are known to be powerful hunters as they can use their strong beaks to catch turtles, fish as well as small crocodiles

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