A Squirrel Climbs Straight Up A Grown Man’s Torso, But Watch His Tiny Front Paws


Squirrels can often be seen coming close to humans, especially if they sense a potential for a ‘free meal’. Some will even go so far as to take food from a human hand, depending on the situation. They can be quite entertaining to watch as the run up and down trees, scampering through the grass or leaves.

Their cute, their fury and at times many seem them simply as little pests, but squirrels also have the potential to become a man’s best friend. Well at least that is the case with one squirrel who is named Pitek and a man named Tadeusz.
Tadeusz Lubiarz, who lives in north western Poland was walking through the woods one day when he found a tiny little squirrel underneath a tree on the verge of death. Lubiarz unlike most people probably would have done, decided to take the furry little critter home.

For a time is appeared as if the little squirrel was not going to recover as Lubizar took the time and care to nurse him back to health. Thankfully, this little critter had a will to live and began his road to recovery. The man decided his new little patient needed a name, so he named the squirrel Pitek.

Even squirrels know how to show appreciation to human creatures who show them kindness and compassion and Pitek has taken the world by storm, speaking viraly of course. He and his human friend are now inseparable and this unlikely pair are seen quite often walking together through the woods or in the park. A video of their friendship and walks through the wood went viral last month.

The video shows Pitek as he scurries around the man’s neck, running around his back to the other side and running up and down his arms as the unlikely pair stroll through the woods. Pitek feels so comfortable when he is with his new best friend, it’s not uncommon for the squirrel to all curious passerby’s reach out and give him a pet behind the ears.

Lubiarz’s other best friend his dog, doesn’t appear to be the least bit worried the squirrel is replacing him as the man’s best friend and the two appear to be quite chummy. Considering the average dog sees squirrels as the natural prey, seeing the two as they get nose to nose is pretty amazing.

It may seem like a strange friendship. A man, a squirrel and the dog, but as you will see in the video it works well for the trio. The video is not only very entertaining it is something that when shared will bring a smile to everyone who watches.

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