This Orphaned Spotted Lamb Was All Alone… Until The Most Unlikely Mom Saved The Day!


Crossbreeding is a well-known process where animals are born from the mating of animals of different species. Does this extend to parenting? Can a specie of animal be taken care of by another specie? To narrow it down, can a dog mother a lamb? This interview granted by John Bolton answers in the affirmative.

In his barn, John Bolton has a white and black polka dotted lamb that was abandoned at a tender age in Barossa Valley, Australia. The complexion of the lamb is quite unusual John reckoned. It is something that happens once in a blue moon. He didn’t know whether to call it a “Sheepmaltian”.
The cute little lamb about a few centimeters high can be seen walking about gently alongside a Dalmatian in the farm house. The dog took it upon itself to take care of and raise the lamb. Was she attracted to the lamb because they had the same complexion? Probably, but the motherly inclinations she showed towards the lamb is amazing.

The Dalmatian, about a few centimeters higher than the lamb, followed the poor lamb wherever it went to. They both walked closely together with their bodies touching each other gently. The Dalmatian didn’t have a puppy, she was happy she finally found something to mother. It licked the face of the lamb with her tongue, massaged and cleaned it properly from time to time. While also ensuring the lamb’s paws were moving freely.

When alone the lamb makes shrilled bleats; calling for its new mom. He trots around happily. The Lamb owner, John also takes his time to feed the little sheep. Using a feeding bottle, improvised using a plastic bottle, he feeds the lamb. It stretches its neck as it sucks the milk-like liquid contained in it. The new mom however, was also present by the side of her new baby.

At rest hours, the Dalmatian and another dog stay in the lamb’s pen with it. Still not giving it room to feel unwanted, they surround and look at the little lamb with love. Imagine a dog staying in a pen covered with Hays? That is what motherly love can do. This lamb will definitely not feel the same way it felt while in the Valley in Australia.
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The lamb now has parents; a mother in the Dalmatian and father in John Bolton. John Bolton adopted the lamb, but it now seems the Dalmatian had taken the little sheep from him. Either way, the baby sheep is happy and comfortable.

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