Special Proposal From Salvatore To Caterina


This video is a touching and inspirational reminder that all people regardless of their limitations or disabilities feel love and deserve a shot a love that lasts a life time. The trick in the video that proves the point is that you do not know that the young man and young woman that are planning to live together have Down syndrome until the end of the video.
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Salvatore is a 38 year old Italian that is walking down a street in Rome. He enters a McDonald’s restaurant with six other men. All of the men are dressed in elegant suits with ties and the whole nine yards.
As the six men enter the restaurant, they begin singing “Come Away with Me” softly but loudly enough so that most of the people in the restaurant can hear them. The group is either a group of professional singers that have been hired or practice a lot together. The lead singer has a really vibrant and emotionally enticing voice.

This video is very romantic. You can tell from the look on Salvatore’s face that despite being a bundle of nerves inside, he is so enthralled by Caterina that he probably does not even hear the singers.

Yes, this video was planned to emphasize that people that have Down syndrome like Salvatore and Caterina should get the help they need to live as normal and independent a life as possible. People with Down syndrome have certain mental and physical limitations but it does not keep them from loving someone.

The last part of the video shows the happy couple preparing a meal in their home and beginning a new life together. You cannot help but wish these people the best in their life together.

The people that planned this video to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day made a perfect video. You do not even get a hint that Salvatore and Caterina have any type of problem until the video tells you.

The idea is the couple could have been anybody and that people with Down syndrome are people first and last. This is a really well done, touching, dramatic, and moving expression of people’s love and people’s love for those that have disabilities.

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