Someone Stole All The Food From An Animal Shelter. But Then Something Beautiful Happened.


The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire has done a lot of great things for the lost and forgotten pets of their region, but when workers arrived one fateful Sunday morning, they discovered that some ruffian had decided to undo all of their hard work.

The shelter had experienced a break in and as a result, roughly $750 worth of pet food had vanished. An estimated 65 bags of food, gone, just like that. Luckily, their security cameras were able to catch the thief as they were in action and the recordings were turned over to the authorities, in hopes that they could solve the case.

The idea of someone stealing all of this pet food is difficult to fathom. This food is not donated by rich, well-heeled donors with millions to spare, it is donated by average, everyday citizens, people who are out here struggling to make ends meet. When a person is willing to steal from the needy, you really have to questions their motives.


All that was left after the robbery was one small bag of cat food and from there, The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire sprang into action, taking to Facebook so that they could ask for help. The story about the robbery hadn’t even made its way to local news stations yet, but the shelter already had people lining up in their parking lot to help.

The community’s outpouring of support for The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire was incredibly moving and certainly took the shelter workers by surprise. To see everyone rally around an animal shelter and donate their time and money in such a selfless manner is truly beautiful to see. In a world filled with bad news, a story like this serves as a breath of fresh air.


The case of the animal shelter thief has yet to be solved, but thanks to this wonderful community, The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire can carry on helping animals without having to miss a beat. For every would be crook out there, there are ten more people who are ready and willing to help whenever they are needed. What a great end to a sad story.
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You can either donate to the The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire or the local animal shelter in your area. Without the help of great citizens like you, these shelters are certainly hard pressed to remain in operation.

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