Why Would Someone Shoot This Innocent Dog 40 Times?


This is one of the most touching stories in recent memory, for a variety of different reasons. Animals like Star are forced to go through hell, due to the actions of cruel and small minded people, but fortunately, there are good and decent people out there who are willing to pick up the pieces after these horrific events take place.


The idea that someone could shoot a cute dog in the head 40 times is difficult to fathom, but that is exactly what Star was forced to deal with. As if this were not enough, the poor old pup was then buried alive and left to die. When she was first found, all that was visible was her nose.

Fortunately, Star did not have to pay the ultimate price for this awful person’s negligence. Animal welfare officers would arrive on the scene before it was too late and rescue the animal from a shallow grave. The idea that someone would do this is despicable and we sincerely hope that that they are never allowed to own a dog ever again.

Shockingly enough, when the animal was finally pulled from the ground, she immediately started wagging her tail! How this dog managed to survive such a terrible ordeal with her happy spirit fully intact is beyond us. It serves as a great lesson to us all, though. No matter how bad your day is going, there is always someone going through worse and doing so with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

The wagging tail served as a symbol of her happiness, as Star was certainly appreciative of her rescuers’ efforts. When they finally located her former owner (a man by the name of Alfred Vella) and asked him why he had treated the innocent pup so badly, his answer will make your blood run cold. He claimed to have tried to kill Star, because she was simply too old. Unbelievable.

Please take a look at this video, so that you can see this rescue for yourself.

While Alfred did end up receiving prison time and paying a sizable fine, Star’s life is worth so much more. Take time out and share this post with your close friends and family members, so that we can raise awareness about the dangers of animal abuse and make sure that people like Alfred are no longer able to own dogs.
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