Someone Locked Their Dog In The Car On A Hot Day. Then This Guy Showed Up…


Summertime can be a lot of fun, but for those who own pets, it is important to consider their needs before deciding to head outside for the day. Unfortunately, the owner of the dog in this video did not think about their pet when they went to a music festival and as a result, they will be forced to pay for the resulting damages to their car window.

The dog that you are about to meet in this video was left in a car to sweat on a balmy 86 degree day, while his owner decided to enjoy themselves inside of the aforementioned music festival. The announcer of the festival was alerted about the dog’s situation and graciously provided his owner with the chance to rectify it.

When the announcer’s initial warning was not heeded, a crowd of concerned citizens decided to mobilize, in hopes of saving the trapped dog from the furnace that he unwittingly found himself in. Just imagine this dog’s level of fear, as time continued to pass, with no end to his misery in sight.

The owner was given an adequate amount of time to rescue the dog on their own and when they did not arrive, the crowd took on the task of finding a solution. When the video begins, we are already taken to the scene of the incident, as the group tries their absolute best to free the trapped dog.

The sound of the windows being broken is quite jarring and while some of us are accustomed to scenes from movies, where the hero obliterates a car window with one punch, shattering a window in this manner actually takes quite a bit of doing. Saving this dog was a true team effort and this crowd should be commended for putting aside their own fun to provide assistance to an animal in need.

If only there are more people like these in the world, perhaps more animals would receive the proper care, instead of being tossed aside like a mere afterthought.
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