Someone Dumped Their Dog In A Deep Crater. When She Sees Rescuers? OMG


This is a touching story about a poor dog who was abandoned by its cruel owner at the bottom of a crater, 15 meters deep. This crater was not only deep, it was rocky and dangerous, a little slip could result in the death of a person or animal. The dog is white in colour with a touch of brown. The poor dog was left to starve and possibly die a slow and painful death.

A rescue call was made to an animal shelter crew when people found the dog in the crater. The rescue team arrived on time and immediately went to work in saving the poor dog. They arrived to see the dog trapped at the bottom of the crater looking very hungry and thin such that it’s bones were protruding.
Although the crew do not have an idea of how long the dog had been in the crater, they knew for sure that she would not have lasted longer if help had not come. The dog was elated to see the crew and a stint of hope was restored, from her expression, she was eagerly waiting for help and help did come.

The crew came fully equipped to ensure a smooth rescue and thanks to the cooperation of the dog and a little help from the neighbors, the rescue was so. A man is seen dropping down with the help of a rope and ladder, he then carefully carries the dog up through a rocky path to safety. This rescue mission was obviously tasking and dangerous, so special qualified personnel were sent to do the job.

The rescue was successful and a quick medical checkup was done to ensure Thumberline was okay. The crew named the dog Thumberline and thanks to the crew and caller, she was given a new hope to life.
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Thumberline now lives happily in the shelter and is well taken care of by the special heroes who give animalso a new, better life. This teaches us something important, we as individuals should be responsible for the safety of animals. If you find an animal in a life threatening situation or with an abusive owner, call a shelter crew and help restore hope for a better life to the animal.

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