Someone Did The Unthinkable To This Dog, That’s Why I Can’t Believe The Last Picture…


Animal abuse is a much bigger problem than most of us realize and this epidemic only continues to spread. Since so many of the perpetrators end up getting away with it, what incentive do they have to change? Incidents like these are simply beyond normal human comprehension and we cannot understand the underlying factors that would motivate a person to treat an innocent creature this poorly.


Fortunately, the world is still filled with enough kind and generous people to offset the continued presence of these cruel monsters. When animals have been victimized, abused and forgotten about, these people are more than willing to step up and provide them with the care that they so desperately need. If not for these people, many of these animals would die as a result of their injuries.


The dog in this story was found in Fulton County, Georgia. A rope had been tied around her neck and it was fastened so securely, it was actually causing the poor girl’s head to swell. Seeing a dog in this type of condition is enough to make a person lose their cool and break down into tears. There is nothing that the dog could have done to earn this kind of psychotic treatment.


When she was finally found, her rescuers attempted to feed her, only to learn that she was unable to chew and swallow. Her condition had left her physically incapable of consuming food and she was brought to an animal shelter, so that she could receive the necessary medical attention.


It was plain to see that this pup was suffering immensely. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and this old girl’s eyes were telling one of the saddest stories that they had ever heard. Her will to live and her playful spirit had been snuffed out and she wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything.

The good people at Second Chance Rescue NY removed the rope and named her Cheers. Once the rope was taken away, her swelling subsided within a few days. She looks much different now and is happier than she has been in a long while.


It is hard to tell that this is even the same dog as before. Her happiness has been restored and she is back to being herself. Please share this story, so that Cheers has a better chance of finding the forever home that she truly deserves.


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