Someone Created A Bear Sleeping Bag For All Your Hibernation Needs


Ever had the wild dream of dozing off cozily in your bed or in an open field watching the stars and waking up hugging a gigantic soft bear? Well our childhood fantasies can be limitless but if I say one of it is about to come true? No, I am not the fairy.

Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa is ready to fulfill your wishes and make you smile. I was amazed and thrilled at the same time when I first stumbled upon this fun video in a social networking site and thought it was too good not to share after watching it several times. This man with a brilliant mind and large heart has created a sleeping bag popularly known by the name the Great Sleeping Bear. Yes, you are right. It is exactly what it sounds like- an enormous soft bear you can sleep inside of and hibernate or dream away.

The story behind the making of this sleeping bag is even more interesting. The artist Eiko Ishizawa was inspired to make the bag after he heard the story of a bear who was hunted down in the year 2006, for he created a lot of trouble. Sad but nevertheless, the story is true.


As I was watching this video, I thought it would be cool to carry this Great Sleeping Bear when I go for camping next time. It is going to happen latest by next month and I for sure can’t wait to grab one for myself and show it off too and of course narrate the tragic story. People who love to go for hunting will have fun with it too. Just take care not to be mistaken for a real bear and get hunted down by your companions. That would be another tragedy.

I know some people will be a little hesitant to go for it as for people like me it costs a fortune. The sleeping bag comes to you for a price of $2,350. Still I say, being lavish once in a while to fulfill your dreams is worthwhile. Sometimes we have to follow what our heart wants and says.


Thanks to the Japanese artist for bringing my childhood and the childhood of many alive. My colleagues were thrilled after watching when I shared this video with them and I am sure your loved ones will be equally thrilled. Don’t miss to share this video in your social site. I have already shared it in my Facebook page and Twitter.

If you’re brave enough to shell out the money though, you can purchase this beary fun creation online here.

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