A Soldier Found These 3 Stray Dogs In Afghanistan. Then A Bomb Went Off And Changed All Their Lives.


War has brought so much suffering to both humans and animals and even in this suffering, animals find a way to give support to humans. It has been scientifically proven that caring for animals can reduce anxiety and even depression. This was confirmed in the case of the American soldiers of this story.

While they were serving in Afghanistan, most soldiers sometimes adopt the local dogs to enable them keep their minds calm and also give them a companion to play with. Both Sgt. Chris Duke and his entire squad adopted three dogs, named Target, Sasha, and Rufus while they were in Afghanistan, but then, on one fateful day, a bomb changed every body’s life and also made the pets into heroes.
During the war, on a certain night, a man attempted sneaking into the home where Sgt. Duke and the three dogs lived. The dogs, having a supernatural sense of smell, sensed that all was not well, they became restless and kept sensing something was not adding up about this man, attacked the weird stranger. The stranger was so scared when they attacked him, and they scared him so much, and he decided to set off the bomb earlier than planned. The dogs saved over fifty soldiers that day in the barracks. Sasha was injured severely and had to be humanely put down, but the other two heroes, Target and Rufus, survived the blast, and the soldiers owed them so much appreciation that they decided to adopt the dogs permanently and made plans to take them back home to the USA.

Target and Rufus were also injured but made a swift recovery. One month after the incident, Duke had to go back home and he ahead of the dogs. He was so worried that when the next unit comes into the barracks, they may not want them there and may get rid of them. Duke thought of an idea to get them to America, and he wrote a letter to an organization known as Hope for the Warriors. The letter expressed Duke’s innermost gratitude for the selfless act of the dogs and he stated that he owes his life to the mutts. He also wanted to bring the dogs to America and give them a better life that they deserved for saving their lives. The organization was shocked at the request as they had never gotten any such requests previously and knew how much it meant to Duke.

They began a campaign to help the dogs, and a Facebook page was created for that purpose. Other organizations soon heard about the incredible story and in a short time, $21,000 was raised for the pets. This sum was just enough to transport the dogs to the United States.
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The dogs arrived in Atlanta and were received by Duke and his wife. They were so excited to be together again for the first time after Duke left. The organization made plans for Target to move to Arizona and stay with another squad member while Rufus will remain with the Duke’s. It was a happy day for both Duke and the dogs, they all had a happy ending.

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