Man Slammed His Dog’s Head & Hurled It Over The Balcony To Death, Faces Jail Time


Stories like these happen all too often in modern society, as people abuse animals and believe that they have done nothing wrong. To some folks, animals are a lesser species that they can punch and kick around when they are mad at the direction that their life has taken and they need to be stopped before they do harm to any more innocent creatures.

Take the man in this story, for instance. His name is Lee Bishop Bullock and Bullock is 28 years old. That is certainly old enough to know better and the worst part about his actions is that he shows absolutely no remorse for them whatsoever. In his mind, he’s done nothing wrong and that just might be the worst part of all.

The act of cruelty that he performed was so unfathomable, we’re not even sure how he even thought to do it. Bullock repeatedly slammed his dog’s head into the wall and even hurled the animal’s lifeless body over a balcony. The dog did not survive this round of torture and passed away before it could be taken to a vet’s office.

As a result of these actions, Lee faced criminal charges and was found guilty of two counts of aggravated animal cruelty. He was sentenced to five years in prison, as well as five years of probation. Sentences like these serve as a harsh rebuke to those who think that they can abuse animals and walk away without receiving any form of punishment.

Lee’s legal counsel tried to argue on his behalf and blamed his client’s addiction to drugs for his horrible, despicable behavior. Robert Leonard, the Cobb Superior Court Judge who was assigned to this case, decided that this explanation was not satisfactory and refused to accept it, blaming Bullock’s poor character for his actions. Good on Leonard!

Just take a look at these photos of Lee Bishop Bullock.


                                                                                              Image Credit: examiner

Were the drugs truly overpowering or was this is a simple case of a person showing their true colors? Drugs should never take the blame for these sorts of actions and we believe that the judge was justified in his sentencing. No matter how high a person may be, taking the life of an innocent animal is never acceptable.

Please share this story, so that awareness can be spread about monsters like Bullock. Drugs are never the answer to any question that you may have! Rest in peace, poor little fella.


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