Sick Owner Laughs At Crying Dog Dumped At The Shelter, But It’s The Dog Who Won The Show At Last



According to statistics, only one in every ten dogs born will end up finding a permanent home. On average, the number of animals that enter shelters as strays are more compared to the number of animals that are abandoned by their owners.


A dog named Jack got scared after realizing his owner was leaving him behind at an animal shelter. According to witnesses at the shelter, Jack began to whimper, but his owner just laughed in response.


On hearing the sad story of how the dog’s owner said goodbye, animal lovers rallied to Jack’s aid. Jack had to spend Christmas at the animal shelter as his owner cruelly abandoned him there. In a bid to help Jack, the animal shelter posted photos of Jack and the tale of how his owner abandoned him- via social media so as to boost awareness. This got the attention of so many sympathizers as Jacks woes traveled through social media networks like wild fire.


Buddies and Bullies Rescue, along with the Animal Rescue society are both trying to get Jack into a safe home. When Jack was initially put up for adoption, the news spread fast, and people from all walks of life came rushing in to adopt the poor dog. This meant putting him (Jack) through temperament tests to ensure he is suitable for adoption. Hoping that one day, through their efforts, they will be able to find Jack a loving forever home.


During this period, a commentator said that the person who laughed after relinquishing Jack at the shelter will get his reward. He stated that it is his prayer that a savior comes forward and shows Jack love and gives him a good home where he will spend the rest of his life. Even though Jack spent the Christmas holidays at the shelter, efforts to place him in a home was successful as the shelter began receiving numerous phone calls.


We say thank you to the thousands of people who shared his story. He was saved by two animal rescuers who partnered together and will certainly find a loving home to spend the rest of his life thanks the kind and considerate care he has received right from his rescue. Jack is now happy thanks to the efforts shown by the animal rescue community.


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