A Sick Dog Was Left On A Bridge To Die. At The End, I Broke Down In Tears…


Animals feel and suffer as much as a human being: what hurts you, also hurt them and this applies to both physical and emotional dimensions. Animals can experience the feeling of loneliness and also agony for not having anything to eat (survival instinct).

Animals are every year seen as a problem when families plan their holidays. The kennels are overcrowded and the vast majority of animals in those kennels end up euthanized in a few days.

While not only the holidays are as a pretext for abandoning an animal, a large percentage of abandonments could be avoided with a little planning.
Before deciding to adopt or buy a pet, you must put on the table with your family (or whoever else living in the same house as you), all possible scenarios.

To begin with, you have to consider the financial issues. Especially these days, with the economic crisis that you hear about every single day in the newspapers, it must be a matter of the highest priority in deciding to proceed to the adoption of an animal.

Dogs and cats require daily feeding and veterinary care is essential, such as vaccination and deworming. You have to remember that your pet may suffer from health problems.

Having a pet is not a right, but a luxury that requires financial availability, free time, work, concerns and much, much responsibility.

An animal is a living being that has rights, feelings and who becomes attached to their owners.

This video shows you this huge problem in our society: the abandonment of animals; and for this reason, this video should be shared.

This adorable pit bull called Dennis was found on a bridge by a young man who immediately called Hope for Paws. Dennis was sick and had thousands of ticks all over of his body. His story has a heartbreaking end that you must share to help to change mentalities.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=LX0lzrIn5v8″]
In this video, you can also see the amazing job that this organization did. You can also donate to Hope For Paws or to other organizations of this type to help them continue to do their job! You can donate to great organizations like Hope For Paws so they can continue to fight for dogs like Dennis… May he R.I.P.

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