She’s Rescued & Adopted Dogs For 26 Years. And Now? You’ll Want To See This!


You think it can’t possibly be true? I thought so too until I watched the video clip. The 61 year old South Korean woman has virtually dedicated her whole life to taking care of dogs. She now has over 200 dogs in her custody.

She did not just stumble on over 200 dogs. It has been a gradual process. When she saw any stray dog, she will adopt it. When she comes across any dog about to be sold, she will offer to buy it with her own money. And she has even had to buy some dogs back from dog traders.

She currently lives on a sprawling hillside compound where she houses and takes care of all her buddies. Of course, she will definitely encounter challenges. She has had to move several times because her neighbors complained about the noise of her dogs.

Indeed, having 200 dogs at the same time is some bunch of trouble. Imagine if just a quarter of the dogs decide to bark at the same time. The neighborhood will be in trouble. So, one can’t blame her neighbors for complaining. Rather, one should commend her for not letting their complaints hinder her.

One thing with life is that everyone of us has an innate calling for something. Once you discover it, you will continue to derive joy from doing your calling no matter how difficult it may be. The same goes for this big hearted South Korean woman. While a lot of us see her daily routines as tedious, tiring and difficult, she derives some kind of satisfaction from doing it.


To be able to appreciate her level of sacrifice, you have to consider how difficult it is to take care of dogs. Some dogs are very difficult to train as they are very stubborn and defiant. This kind of dog will require a lot of time and patience. Since statics show that 1 out of every 5 dogs, chances are that about 40 out of over 200 dogs will be difficult to train.

Have you also thought about food allergies which are common among dogs? This means she will provide different kind of dog foods for different sets of dogs. This will cost so much money.

Just watch the video to catch a glimpse of this wonderful heroin that has been taking care of dogs that would have been killed. And don’t forget to share it.

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