She’s Melting Crayons In A Pot To Make Something You Won’t Be Able To Live Without!


If you’ve ever had an outdoor get together at your home on a hot summer’s night, you are already aware of the annoyance involved with spraying you and your guests down with bug spray that is not only smelly, but also sticky, to boot. Instead of dealing with this issue time and again, you can now create your own helpful citronella candles in the privacy of your own home! The process of creating these candles is deceptively simple. Your do it yourself citronella starter kit should include some candle wax, candle wicks (pre waxed, of course), adorable tiny jars for storage and a pot of boiling water to hold a glass bowl over.

All you will need to do in order to measure the necessary amount of wax to use is simply pour it inside before it has a chance to melt completely. This allows you to know roughly how far up the jar the amount is going to be.

The next step is to add the water to the pot and set the stove to medium heat. Once it has been properly, rest the bowl on top. From there, add the candle wax to the bowl and begin melting it, so the substance is given a chance to properly break up.

In order to make your candles more colorful, you can add wax crayons to the mixture, but if you prefer a more traditional appearance or already have colorful jars, they can be left white. As the wax starts to melt, fold over a piece of tape and place it at the bottom of the jars, so that you can add adhesives to your candle sticks. The piece of tape must be folded over so that both sides are sticky.

After the wax has been given a chance to melt, add a teaspoon of the citronella oil. During the process of removing the wax from the heat and pouring it into your candle jars, it is important to very careful, as the wax will be piping hot. Hold the wicks of the candles upright, grab a pair of chopsticks, then pour the hot wax into the jar.

Whether you use chopsticks to keep your wicks up or you decide to use a different item, wax runoff is to be expected and can easily be cleaned once it dries. It is then time to let your new candles set and take the chopsticks away. After trimming a mere inch above your candle’s lines, you now have your very own citronella candles. These beautiful candles are certainly sure to light up your summer!

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