Sheltie And Baby Show That Dogs And Infants Can Be Best Friends


One YouTube video recently showed the play interaction between Pumpkin the dog and his owner’s infant child. The dog, which has an inordinate amount of energy, demonstrates throughout the video, how dogs and babies can keep each other entertained. From watching the video, you can easily see that certain dogs and children, when paired, can be the best of friends. However, certain pet breeds are better choices for children than other canines.

Dogs that are aggressive or who have a history of biting, naturally, should not be introduced among young children. Neither should large dogs that possess an excessive amount of energy as they can unwittingly knock over a child. A dog that barks too much is not a good choice as well.
Getting a Puppy Used to Living with a Child

When a puppy that is suitable for children is brought into the home, it needs to have several days to become acclimated to the environment. It does not hurt to establish some house rules for the dog, such as where it will sleep, where it will be fed and watered what times will be spent on training. If you enroll your new pup in a training class early, you will be rewarded with a pet that is a pleasant companion, particularly if children live in the house as well. Here is the Video:
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