The Shelter Was Full, So A Pregnant Dog Was Next To Be Euthanized. But Watch This…


A sad but necessary fact of the lives of shelter dogs is that some of the animals are put on a list to be euthanized simply because the shelters do not have the resources to care for all the abandoned and abused animals that the get. This video shows that some shelter dogs are literally snatched from the jaws of death because the shelter advertised the animal’s plight through video and caring people adopt the dogs and save their lives.

Holly was pregnant with five puppies. She was the next in line for the executioner. The staff of Vet Ranch produced a video of Holly’s plight that was so compelling that people adopted Holly and all of her puppies.
You actually get to see an x-ray of the puppies before they are born. There was some concern that Holly would need a C-section due to the size of the puppies but the mother to be surprised everyone by giving birth to five beautiful and charming babies all on her own.

The video shows the new born puppies. Cute hardly describes them at all. The video shows the puppies and their mother at various stages of development until the puppies are old enough to be adopted. The staff is hurried to get the puppies to their adoptive homes as soon as possible so that the puppies do not contract any diseases from the over populated shelter.

You must share this video. The puppies are absolutely charming with that sad little puppy face that all puppies have. The mother is absolutely dedicated to the care and feeding of her new brood and gets a lot of help from the shelter’s staff.

You need to share this video to show the level of care and kindness that shelter dogs receive from the people that work at animal shelters. The puppies receive more than just the necessary care and are prepared to leave the shelter in the best of health. The staff is overjoyed to have been able to save Holly and her puppies from execution.

The video was made to show what people can do to save a dog’s life if they simply adopt a shelter dog. You have to see the video to get an idea of the true state of health that shelter dogs that are adopted have. The idea is to allay any fears that an adopted shelter dog is unhealthy, diseased, or may die on the adopting person.
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Extremely lovable cuteness saved from execution by caring people. This video should make anyone consider a shelter dog as a great option for themselves. Share this video with anyone that is thinking about getting a dog and save a dog’s life.

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