Shelter Pig And Her Dog BFFs Are Inseparable, And Need A Home Together


Pickles and Paprika are Pattie Pig’s best dog friends, and they don’t like to be apart. The trio has been nicknamed the “Triple P” and are inseparable because they do everything together, sleep together, and go for walks together. “They are like a real family,” said Sarah McKillip, a manager at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County.


Pattie is like a big sister to the pups, except during meal times when her true nature comes out. It is everyone’s hope that the lovable threesome will all be fostered together. In fact, McKillip stated that all three must be adopted together because they are a family.

How Pattie the pig and her besties came together is anyone’s guess. Employees of the Pennsylvania animal shelter came into work one morning in September, to find the pig, two dogs, and a turtle that had been left behind overnight. The turtle was the first to be adopted.


No one knows where they came from or whom their previous owners were, the only thing that is apparent is that the animals are housebroken, which suggests that they probably came from a caring home.

Pattie, Paprika, and Pickles live in a kennel together and are getting a lot of attention because they are just so cute. Pattie may sometimes be expected to wear a lovely little hat, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all.

McKillip and her colleagues want nothing more than to see these guys where they belong; not in a shelter, but in a loving, caring home.

So here’s what you need to know, to get these three extraordinary critters: The dogs are small, easygoing, and playful. Pattie is 120-pounds and is an indoor pet. She is a Vietnamese Potbelly that is approximately two years old. Pickles and Paprika are a Pomeranian mix breed. Pickles is approximately two years old and male while Paprika is about four years old and female.


Enquiries about the “Triple P!” are pouring into The Berks County Animal Rescue League. As of Sunday, November 22nd they had received over 300 inquiries regarding the adoption of this terrific trio. However, only people with pre-approval are allowed to meet the “Triple P”. Their adoption fees are covered, so if you want to adopt or foster, please give the shelter a ring.

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