Shelter Kitten Waited For Her Forever Home, When She Finds One… OMG!


Do you remember the adorable TV character cat called Garfield? The cat you are about to meet looks just like him except this cat is smaller but they are similar, and they are called ginger or orange tabby cats.

The orange color of the ginger cat is produced due to the manifestation of a pigment called pheomelanin, which is responsible for producing fur colors which range from red to cream.


Over 75% of orange tabby cats are males. This cat is also referred to as marmalade cat. These cats also have a unique personality and could be outgoing or just like to be left alone.


The subject of this video, baby Rey is a sweet and friendly cat who waited to find the perfect home like a brave little soldier. Against all odds, baby Rey found her perfect family and was ready to go home with them. Her new owners named her after the stars wars movie character because they believed that the force was strong within their new cat. They knew she was going to be popular and welcomed her home with a photo shoot, and she was seemingly enjoying the attention.


Baby Rey’s first picture in her new home shows how excited she is to be home after so much anticipation. He is photographed severally on his first day. In one picture she is seen looking fierce as a lion and in another, she is lying on his back and looks adorable.


Baby Rey’s fur makes her unique because it is fluffy and makes he look like a lion with her golden colored eyes. She feels incredibly lucky to have found a home, but her family is lucky to have her. She loves to eat as pictured in one of her photographs where she is seen sticking her head in a cup. She can also be very vocal as she always tries to communicate to people around her to let them know what she wants.


Baby Rey is not a picky eater, she eats every food like a regular cat, but she just wants to eat when she’s hungry, and she can meow until she gets food. After she is done eating and is full, she always wants to lie on her back like a fat kitty. She is also insistent on belly rubs, and all has to do is lie around, so she give a signal to her family and let them know that she is ready for a belly rub.


She sure does adore being the center of attention. This photograph shows her subtly telling her owners “rub my belly.”


Baby Rey is also nosy and loves to be involved in activities going on as well. It doesn’t matter if it is looking at your drink or your phone and text messages, she just loves to poke her nose lovingly and see what is happening in her favorite person’s life.


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